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Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide

Wild West Survival Guide. The Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide is an extensive walkthrough that will guide you through all the main and side quests. Our tips describe trophies and achievements, weapons and help you locate all secrets and collectibles. Check out our RDR2 maps.

Last update: 05 October 2022

The following guide to Red Dead Redemption 2 is a complex compendium of knowledge related to Rockstar Games' production. It contains various tips, information and hints which can help you learn the most important gameplay mechanics, complete all missions in the game, and discover all its secrets.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Contents of the guide

The first section of our RDR2 guide describes basic mechanics and assumptions. Among the topics, we explain exploration, combat, completing missions, meetings with the gang members in camps, completing optional activities e.g. hunting. The section also features starting tips that will help during the initial hours of the game.

The next part of the guide is a extensive FAQ section. The questions involve various topics, such as how to use fast travel, how to romance, how to repeat missions, how to get to Blackwater, how to change mounts, how to obtain gold bars and how to make aiming with firearms easier.

Another major section of the guide is a complete walkthrough. Among others, we've included solutions for all story missions along with information on the important decisions appearing during them, and the requirements of the individual gold medals that are received for completing the missions while meeting special requirements. Optional activities, such as heists, fishing, or collecting debts also received extensive pages.

The next chapter of the RDR 2 guide is dedicated to attaining 100% completion of the game. 100% completion requires finishing certain side missions, such as meeting strangers, bounty hunting, or random meetings. Further ahead we have a page on gambling with tips regarding various games available in RDR2 - poker, blackjack, dominoes, five finger fillet.

Among the available pages, the World Altas section will definitely be the most useful, with detailed maps of the regions and locations of all secrets and collectibles (cigarette cards, dinosaur bones, legendary animals, and recipes) made available.

The guide is concluded with a trophy guide that contains a list and descriptions of all trophies, including the platinum trophy. Not over yet - the Annex chapter supplies information such as controls, system requirements, and how long RDR 2 lasts.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Beginner's Guide

  1. Don't try to explore the open world of the game right away, because it's not available from the very beginning of the game. You will unlock its largest part after advancing to chapter 2 of the campaign, but you still won't be able to explore Blackwater and New Austin, where the character would be attacked immediately. You will have access to these locations only towards the end of the game.
  2. Frequent manual saves are advised. This can save you from many potentially troublesome situations, e.g. accidentally triggering a chase from the authorities, losing your horse or selecting the wrong option during important choices.
  3. Return to the gang's camp regularly. It offers many activities, including e.g. interactions with other gang members or new mission opportunities. It's also worth spending your money on expanding the camp to unlock its new upgrades (e.g. the fast travel option).
  4. Search the enemies' bodies and all explored locations. The game offers a lot of valuable loot. Apart from cash and ammo, you can find e.g. consumable items, animal trophies or treasures you can sell.
  5. Remember to regularly clean the weapons you use often - to do so, you need a special oil. This will reduce the risk of the weapon jamming during combat, and allow you to restore its stats to their initial (maximum) value.
  6. You don't have to use the same horse throughout the whole game. RDR2 allows you to buy and tame new mount, which aside from a different coat color may also have different statistics (e.g. increased stamina).

We've included more tips and tricks for Red Dead Redemption 2 on a separate page - Beginner's Guide.

Red Dead Redemption 2: All missions, walkthrough

Our guide to RDR 2 contains all the information you need to complete the main storyline. Additionally, we have prepared a walkthrough for all the side missions available in the game as well.

Chapter 1 - Colter

  1. Outlaws from the West - this page describes the first quest available in RDR 2. During this mission, you'll be introduced to Arthur Morgan and attack Adler's ranch.
  2. Enter, Pursued by a Memory - the second mission available in the game. During it, you'll search for John and escape a pack of wolves safely.
  3. Old Friends - first meeting with the hostile gang. Our walkthrough helps with combat against O'Driscolls. Thanks to it, you'll emerge victorious.
  4. The Aftermath of Genesis - your task is to hunt two deer flawlessly. We show how to do it in order to score a gold medal.
  5. Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall? - - this mission involves attacking, stopping, and looting the train. Unfortunately, it turns out that this is Leviticus Cornwall private train.
  6. Eastward Bound - the final mission of Chapter 1 of Red Dead Redemption 2. During it, you must safely reach the Horseshoe Overlook camp.

Chapter 2 - Horseshoe Overlook

  1. Polite Society, Valentine Style - this page describes the beginning of Chapter 2 of the game. During it, you'll get acquainted with new options, such as stores and how to buy in them.
  2. Americans At Rest - during this mission you'll visit a saloon, which as always, ends in a scuffle. Thanks to information supplied, you'll learn the requirements for a gold medal.
  3. Exit Pursued By a Bruised Ego - the quest involves your first encounter with a legendary animal, a bear that you can hunt later between missions.
  4. Paying a Social Call - - this mission involves fighting the O'Driscoll gang over a forest shack. Our guide will help you in getting the gold medal for the mission.
  5. Money Lending and Other Sins I-III - this mission involves collecting debts from a few debtors, with further visits taking place across the story. Mr. Wrobel is the first debtor.
  6. A Quiet Time - during this mission you'll enjoy some rest and recuperation in form of drinking. They may be a scuffle if you don't look below you.
  7. We Loved Once and True - on this page, we have described the journey to Mary, who is Arthur's old love. The quest evolves into a rescue mission.
  8. The Spines of America - the next task involves stealing a stagecoach from Bob Crowford. The quest involves a theft, and you can proceed with the mission either at daytime or under cover of night.
  9. Who Is Not Without Sin - during this one, you'll have to rescue Reverend Swanson, who has gotten in with the wrong crowd. The task involves getting him out of trouble, and our guide will help you in getting a gold medal.
  10. The First Shall Be Last - this mission involves a search for Sean who was captured by bounty hunters, from whom you'll save him during the later phase of the task.
  11. Blessed Are the Meek - on this page you can view a walkthrough for Blessed Are The Meek, a task involving rescuing Micah, who is being held in Strawberry jail. Make sure to finish all actions before starting the break.
  12. Pouring Forth Oil - this mission consists of multiple phases. Our walkthrough will explain each of them in detail and show the way of doing the quest in order to obtain gold medals and additional cash.
  13. A Fisher of Men - time to learn the basics of fishing. This mission will activate a new mechanic, which is fishing, which can then be utilized to catch legendary fish.
  14. An American Pastoral Scene - the page describes a mission in which you'll have to capture a stagecoach with valuable cargo. The raid won't go your way, but we show how to deal with trouble caused by Micah Bell.
  15. The Sheep and the Goats - this mission involves escorting a herd of sheep to the city. Unfortunately, the situation escalates and you're going to need to fight to save your companions.
  16. A Strange Kindness - the page describes the final task of Chapter 2 of the game. We need to find a new place to camp.

Chapter 3 - Clemens Point

  1. The New South - this mission opens up Chapter 3 of the game. The mission involves multiple activities, including conversations with Dutch, Hosea or Anders Anderson.
  2. Further Questions of Female Suffrage - during this mission you'll be introduced to Sadie, with whom you'll raid a enemy camp. This is a simple task that only requires profess in combat.
  3. American Distillation - the page explains the task that involves a large shootout and a horse race against Dutch. Here we'll show you how to complete the task and how to win the race even with a slow horse.
  4. An Honest Mistake - this mission involves a stagecoach robbery that escalates into a large shootout. You will also need to save Uncle.
  5. The Course of True Love I-III - a task that branches out into multiple events that will appear on the map as te game progresses. Your task will be to deliver correspondence between Penelope and Beau Gray.
  6. Advertising, the New American Art I-II - the quest begins leisurely, with a conversation with Abigail. Your first task is to reach Brainthwaite estate. There wouldn't be a mission without a shootout - you need to emerge victorious.
  7. Preaching Forgiveness as He Went - this page offers a walkthrough for a mission in which you visit Shady Belle mansion. The mission has a few major decisions that influence the course of the task, and as always, there is a shootout.
  8. The Fine Joys of Tobacco - in this quest you'll visit a tobacco plantation. The mission requires stealth and there is also a shootout.
  9. Sodom? Back to Gomorrah - during this mission, you pair up with Bill, to take part in the first real bank robbery just like in the westerns.
  10. Magicians for Sport - during this mission you'll act as a trapper who searches for Trelawny. Our walkthrough will show you the fastest and safest way to the sought man.
  11. Horse Flesh for Dinner - - this page contains a walkthrough for a mission involving capturing a white horse to be sold to the highest bidder.
  12. Blessed are the Peacemakers - during this mission, Arthur will take part in peace talks between the gang and O'Driscolls. You are left to deal with the aftermath.
  13. Friends in Very Low Places - you and Trelawny will pair up to steal valuable cargo.
  14. A Short Walk in a Pretty Town - during this mission, the gang will cut ties with Grays and Braithwaites. A huge shootout will ensue.
  15. Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern - this mission involves searching for Jack. Jack got kidnapped - the whole gang goes to the rescue.
  16. The Battle of Shady Belle - time to search for a new home. This mission ends Chapter 3 of the game.

Chapter 4 - Shady Belle

  1. The Joys of Civilization - search for Jack continues. The mission will take you to Saint Denis.
  2. Angelo Bronte, a Man of Honor - the rescue mission takes longer than expected. Together with Dutch and John, you travel to Angelo's mansion to negotiate the boy's release with him.
  3. Gilded Cage - you've been invited to party - time to mingle and obtain information. Our walkthrough shows how to proceed in order to get a gold medal.
  4. No, no, and Thrice, No - this mission is a request from Mrs. Grimshaw. You have to chase Foreman's boys and get rid of them forever.
  5. A Fine Night of Debauchery - during this task, you'll visit a barge casino. You will play poker, meet new people and, as always, end the quest with gun in your hand.
  6. American Fathers I-II - these tasks involve helping Eagle Flies in Cornwall Kerosene & Tar factory. We described the objectives of the mission and how to get the gold medal.
  7. Horsemen, Apocalypse - you need to repel O'Driscoll invaders. To get the gold medal, good accuracy will be needed.
  8. Urban Pleasures - on this page we described a heist that the gang will perform. Dutch, Arthur and Lenny are going to rob a train station.
  9. Country Pursuits - in this mission, Dutch convinces Arthur that they must kill Angelo Bronte. Your task is to capture a barge. Along the way to the objective, you'll meet with Thomas.
  10. Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten - we described the task that involves an assault on Bronte's mansion which is retaliation for the ambush that took place during Urban Pleasures.
  11. Banking, the Old American Art - on this page you can view the walkthrough for a task in which the gang conducts a bank heist in order to be able to finally retire. Our walkthrough will tell you what to do in order to get the best ending.

Chapter 5 - Guarma

  1. Welcome to the New World - unexpectedly, Arthur wakes up at the tropical isle of Guarma. This chapter takes place in a separate area that isn't a part of the world map. There are no collectibles, secrets or side missions here.
  2. A Kind and Benevolent Despot - this is the continuation of the Guarma adventure. With the help from a local woman, Gloria, Dutch and Arthur infiltrate a guarded outpost to save Javier.
  3. Savagery Unleashed - the gang needs to escape the island as soon as possible. For this to happen, you need to save two workers, Hercul and Leon. Hercul and Leon are waiting for your help.
  4. Hell Hath No Fury - saving workers was just the beginning. The gang meets with Hercule at the Cinco Torres fortress and defends against an enemy assault to clear an escape path. We have described this task in detail on this page of the guide.
  5. Paradise Mercifully Departed - during this task, Arthur and his friends have to free a captain that will guide their ship back to America. We have described how to proceed with the quest in order to score a gold medal.
  6. Dear Uncle Tacitus , this is the first quest after returning to America. The group travels to Shady Belle to find the rest of the gang.
  7. Fleeting Joy - another day, another shootout. Pinkertons along with Milton have come - you need to stop them.
  8. A Fork in the Road - this page describes a very important mission where the main hero learns that he is seriously ill. Unfortunately, in these times, this is a death sentence.
  9. That's Murfree Country - despite the sad news, Arthur wants to continue to take an active part in the life of the gang. Together with Charles, he travels to Beaver Hollow to find a new camp site.

Chapter 6 - Beaver Hollow

  1. Icarus and Friends - another adventure with Sadie, during which you'll meet Mr. Bullard. This is an opportunity to fly a balloon and do a reconnaissance of Sisika prison.
  2. Visiting Hours - here you can find a walkthrough for a mission that involves rescuing John from Sisika prison. Our walkthrough will show you what to do in order to get the gold medal.
  3. Just a Social Call - this is a next mission from Chapter 6. Arthur meets with Dutch and Micah in Annesburg, where they plan to confront Cornwall.
  4. A Rage Unleashed - during this mission, Eagle Flies, with the help of the gang, attacks a military ship to retrieve the horses stolen from the reservation.
  5. The Delights of Van Horn - this mission involves an ambush on a military train carrying dynamite. The walkthrough offer a detailed solution for the mission.
  6. Archeology for Beginners - this page describes a quest in which you have to collect relics from various places in the same location. The walkthrough supplies marked locations and screenshots.
  7. Honor, Amongst Thieves - this mission involves smallpox vaccines that are enroute to Wapiti reservation. Monroe asks Arthur to help him steal vaccines for the army.
  8. The Bridge to Nowhere - during this mission you'll plant charges on a bridge and destroy it so the convoy cannot get to the other side of the river.
  9. The Fine Art. Of Conversation - this quest involves Colonel Favors and the Rain Falls. Our walkthrough shows what to do in order to complete the task and how to handle hindrances that may appear during the mission.
  10. Goodbye, Dear Friend - Colm O'Driscoll got arrested - Sadie, Arthur and Dutch travel to Saint Denis to witness his execution.
  11. Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow I-II - as Colm is out of the picture, time to finish what remains of his gang. Arthur and Sadie go to the Hanging Dog ranch to get rid of all the remaining members of the O'Driscoll gang.
  12. Favored Sons - during this mission, you'll take part in a large shootout. This mission features a large combat section - score headshots to win the gold medal.
  13. The King's Son - in this mission, Arthur and Charles learn that the Eagle Flies has been captured by the military. Saving him will require a trip to Fort Wallace.
  14. My Last Boy - this is one of the final missions in the game in which you control Arthur. Eagle Flies heads to Beaver Hollow to launch a final attack on Cornwall Kerosene & Tar. Dutch's entire gang joins in to help with the attack.
  15. Our Best Selves - another "last" heist. The gang heads to Saint Denis to raid a wage and military supply train heading towards the destroyed Bacchus Bridge.
  16. Red Dead Redemption - this is the final task where you control Arthur. Abigail has been captured by the Pinkertons and John is presumed dead. The Dutch's gang goes to Beaver Hollow. Arthur and Sadie travel to Van Horn to free Abigail. The walkthrough along with possible endings to the quest can be find on this page.

Epilogue part 1 - Pronghorn Ranch

  1. The Wheel - this mission starts the Epilogue. You have a new playable character - John. The story takes place a few years after the events of Chapter 6. Abigail and John are looking for a job in Strawberry Town.
  2. Simple Pleasures - John manages to land a legit job. Under the false name "Jim Milton", John finds work as a ranch hand.
  3. Farming, for Beginners - its almost idyllic - John leads a safe, normal life, helping at the ranch during the day, and helps Dickens build a fence and take care of the cattle.
  4. Fatherhood, for Beginners - this page describes the mission where John takes the horses and goes for a ride with his son. Duncan learns the basics and is happy to spend time with his father.
  5. Old Habits - John gets into a fight because of a gang of mercenaries cause trouble at the Pronghorn Ranch.
  6. Jim Milton Rides, Again - much to the disapproval of Abigail, John once again uses force and fists. Our walkthrough will show you how to handle the raid.
  7. Fatherhood, for Idiots - this mission shows how John copes with his now normal life. He takes Jack to Strawberry to pick up a package for Abigail.
  8. Motherhood - John meets a familiar face, Sadie Adler, who has a special task for him.
  9. Home of the Gentry - this page contains a description of the quest in which John goes to Beecher's Hope to clear the area of unwanted inhabitants before he buys the land.
  10. Gainful Employment - John receives a telegram from Sadie and travels to Valentine in order to help her with a bounty.

Epilogue part 2 - Beecher's Hope

  1. Bar Knuckle Friendships - the second part of the Epilogue starts now. In this mission, John and Uncle travel to Saint Denis to find Charles Smith.
  2. Home Improvement for Beginners - this is the second task of the Epilogue. John, Uncle and Charles demolish an old hut in Beecher's Hope. To get the gold medal, you need to complete this mission in less than 18 seconds.
  3. An Honest Day's Labors - this page contains a description of the quest in which John meets Sadie in Blackwater, who asks him for help in retrieving the wanted bandit, Shane Finley, taken from her by his rival, James Langton.
  4. The Tool Box - this page of our guide describes a mission in which John buys a ready-made house. Before you can start erecting, however, unwanted guests have to be gotten rid of.
  5. A New Jerusalem - during this mission you'll hit nails to build a home. To get the gold medal, hit the nails with at least 80% accuracy.
  6. A Quick Favor for an Old Friend - John's desire to own land gets him into debt. Money is desperately needed, so he and Sadie embark to catch a wanted bandit, Ramon Cortez.
  7. Uncle's Bad Day - in this mission, Uncle, John and Charles spend the night celebrating. In the morning, John discovers that Uncle has been kidnapped by the Skinner Brotherhood. Your task is to save him from the hands of the brotherhood.
  8. A Really Big Bastard - another mission where you help Sadie, this time you travel to Tall Trees in search of a bandit.
  9. Trying Again - this mission is rest and recuperation - John goes fishing. John encounters a snake-bitten dog that needs his help. The animal will be brought to Beecher's Hope, ending the mission.
  10. A New Future Imagined - in this mission, John proposes to Abigail. There isn't much to do in this mission, but completing it fast enough is rewarded with a gold medal.
  11. American Venom - you are almost at the end of the RDR2 story. Sadie has a clue that could lead to Micah - Cleet was seen in Strawberry. John, Sadie and Charles go there, despite Abigail's protests, to interrogate him and track down the enemy from years ago.

Side quests:

  1. A Fine Night for It - the page describes a side quest in which you help old Cajun get rid of a group of savages called the Night Folk. Completing the task is rewarded with a gold tooth, machete and Perfect Muskrat Pelt.
  2. The Noblest of Man, and a Woman - this page describes a quest where you track down a few ex-gunmen with the intention of interrogating and taking photos of them. For completing the task you will receive a unique weapon - Calloway's Revolver.
  3. He's British, Of Course - during this mission you'll embark on a search for unnusual animals (zebra, tiger, and a lion). Animals have escaped from Margaret's circuit. Your efforts will be rewarded with a valuable emerald.
  4. Arcadia for Amateurs - this is a very interesting quest that becomes active during different story quests. Your task each time is to save Mason from wild animals.
  5. The Iniquities of History - Arthur's task is to retrieve a few items from an abandoned farm. We show its location and supply useful screenshots.
  6. Money Lending and Other Sins IV-VII - these are continuations of the story quest which took place in Chapter 2 of the game.
  7. The Artist's Way - this side mission consists of four parts. In each of them, Arthur meets in Saint Denis with the titular artist, Charles Chatenay.
  8. Help a Brother Out - on this page we supply a walkthrough for a task where you help Brother Dorkins solve a human trafficking ring. You can either receive money for this task or you can refuse to take it.
  9. The Mercies of Knowledge - this mission involves a professor, Andrew Bell The Third, who built a prototype electric chair. Arthur can help him with this plan and test the chair.
  10. The Smell of the Grease Paint - in this quest, Arthur can help Marjorie, who leads a traveling troupe. For completing the mission, you can watch the performance and collect some of the profits from ticket sales.
  11. The Ties that Bind Us - Arthur encounters a few escaped prisoners and can either help them escape or lead them to be captured again. Both variants are described in our walkthrough.
  12. A Bright, Bouncing Boy - this task is extremely time-demanding. Both Arthur and John have their roles to play. The conclusion of the quest is a somewhat of an easter egg.
  13. Oh, Brother - Arthur can help Acrius and Proteus who are fighting for the favor of the same lady.
  14. Fatherhood and Other Dreams - this task becomes available after completing We Loved Once and True mission. During this quest, Mary and Arthur can go to a theater.
  15. Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners - Arthur can help the mayor of Saint Denis in solving various problems that often require his unique skillset. There are some decisions to make during this task - we described them all so you know their consequences.
  16. The Wisdom of the Elders - on this page, we've described a quest where Arthur can help members of the small community in Butcher Creek who fear they may be cursed.
  17. Do Not Seek Absolution - this quest appears only when Arthur has a lot of honor points, that is, if he behaved "well" during the game. As part of this mission, Arthur tries to help Edith Downes and her son Archie find a peaceful life.
  18. The Veteran - on this page we have described the quest in which Arthur meets the disabled veteran, Hamish Sinclair.
  19. The Course of True Love IV-V - a continuation of quests from the main storyline, which start in Chapter 3 of the game. Completing it is rewarded with additional honor points.
  20. The American Inferno, Burnt Out - during this quest you'll meet with a famous writer, Evelyn Miller. John can perform tasks received from the writer and in this way, help him with his work.
  21. American Dreams - a hidden quest that has to be activated by reaching a certain location. It does not appear in the form of a question mark or conversation. However, we have described it in detail so you won't skip it.
  22. Dutch's Gang Missions and Jobs - this page describes the tasks received from the Dutch's gang members.
  23. Bounty Hunting Missions - in this section we have described all available Bounties.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Secrets and Collectibles

In RDR 2, tons of treasures and secrets are waiting to be found. All the most important collectibles have been covered in a few big chapters of this guide.

  1. Treasure maps - this chapter describes how to obtain the respective collectible maps, what locations they lead to and what treasures you can find
  2. Legendary animals - this chapter explains where to look for the legendary animals and how to hunt them
  3. Legendary fish - this chapter suggests what fishing locations to visit in order to catch legendary fish species
  4. Dinosaur bones - this page lists the locations where you can find all 30 dinosaur bones
  5. Rock carvings - this page lists the locations of all 10 rock carvings
  6. Exotic items - this page describes the Saint Denis jobs related to finding exotic items
  7. Item requests for the gang members - this page describes the mini-quests of finding specific items for Dutch's gang members
  8. The Strange Statues puzzle - this page describes the unique Ambarino cave, where you can solve the statue puzzle
  9. Graves - this page features a world map with the locations of all 9 graves
  10. Dreamcatchers - this page lists the locations of all 20 dreamcatchers
  11. Homesteads - this page features information about the location and form of completing the homesteads within the game world (a type of side activities)
  12. Challenges - the page describes all challenges available in the game (e.g. killing enemies in a specific way)
  13. Store robberies - this page features instructions on how to rob stores in the game world and explains which ones can be robbed
  14. Unique items - the page lists the secret items you can find by exploring the game world
  15. Hunting requests - the page describes the bounty hunting jobs available e.g. on railway station posters
  16. Shacks - the page lists all the cabins you need to explore if you want to complete the game 100%
  17. Gang hideouts - the page explains where are the hideouts of the gangs from the game world
  18. Easter eggs - the page lists example easter eggs, i.e. the developer's gags (e.g. ghost encounters or finding the UFO)

Red Dead Redemption 2: Game guide

In the Basics chapter of our guide, you can find information about selected important gameplay mechanics in RDR 2. This can make it easier for you to play the game correctly.

  1. Character development - on this page we explain e.g. how to increase the character's health and stamina
  2. Crafting - this page explains e.g. how to craft new items and how to obtain crafting recipes
  3. Cooking and recipes - the page explains how to set up a camp and what you can cook
  4. Wanted System - by reading this page, you will learn e.g. what crimes are punished and what to do if a bounty is placed on your head
  5. Completing the game in 100% - this page lists all activities required to complete 100% of the game
  6. Best horses - on this page, you will find our recommendations on what horses are worth buying
  7. Best weapons - the page lists the best weapons from each category, including revolvers, handguns, rifles, sniper rifles and shotguns.
  8. Fishing guide - this page features a complex explanation on how to fish effectively
  9. Cheats and codes - this page features a list of codes and explains how to unlock cheats

Red Dead Redemption 2: FAQ

In this guide to RDR 2, you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the game. The FAQ section divides them by topic, so that you can find the one that interests you more easily.

Exploring the game world

  1. The Aberdeen pig farm money - how to retrieve? - thanks to this page of the guide you will learn how to recover money hidden on a pig farm in Aberdeen. This is a world event and isn't involved with any story or side missions.
  2. Fast travel - how to use? - on this page we have described how fast travel works in RDR2. Among the options, you can travel by train, stagecoach, or teleport between camps.
  3. Cards - how to get them quickly? - there are 12 cigarette card packs in the game, each consisting of 12 cards. For 100% completion, you only need to complete one deck. We show how to get the cards fast and without frantically searching through every nook and cranny for them.
  4. Boat - where to find it? - boats are needed in several activities, e.g. for catching one of the legendary fish. On this page we show where you can find interactive boats so you can explore water locations also.
  5. Cleaning the horse - how to get a brush? - maintaining a horse in RDR2 is extremely demanding. We show where to find a brush and how to use it on the horse.
  6. Time of day - how to change it quickly? - if needed, you can change the time of day. Information on how to do this can be found on this page.
  7. Streetcar in Saint Denis - can you drive? - the tram is one of the unique means of transport available in the game. You can only find it in Saint Denis. On this page you will find out whether the main character can take control of the tram.
  8. Bath - how to take it? - bathing replenishes health. Thanks to this page you will learn how to take a bath and how much it costs
  9. Train - can you control it? - this page of the guide explains how to get on a train, and whether you can personally steer one.
  10. Gold bar - how to get, where to sell? gold bars are often found through treasure maps. Here we'll show you how to turn them into a hefty amount of dollars.
  11. Harmonica - how to get and use? - on this page of the guide, we show where to find a harmonica and to whom of the Dutch's gang to give it to
  12. Chests, safes - how to open? - this page shows how to open locked chests and safes. Such objects often contain lots of cash or other intersting items.
  13. Fence - what services does he offer? - if you want to know the locations of fences and learn what services they offer, look here. There is a fence for each city and they can help you get rich quick.
  14. Bolger Glade - where is it and what can you find there? - thanks to this page you can learn the location of a site of a battle of old and we show what can be found there.
  15. Gila Monster - where to find? - this page describes where to find a unique lizard. Moreover, we show how to collect the perfect skin of this animal.

Arthur and Dutch's gang

  1. Missing gang members - why, where to look? - as some characters from the camp disappear as the story progresses, we have created a page that makes it easier to find them. Thanks to it, you will be able to find other gang members and make an attempt to solve the problem (bug) with disappearing gang members in RDR2.
  2. Lost hat - how to retrieve? - this page describes how to retrieve a lost hat or other headgear. The character will lose their headgear if they take melee damage, fall off their horse, or collide with an obstacle.
  3. Horse - can it die? - on this page we describe what can happen to a horse if it loses all its health points. You will also learn how to protect an animal from injuries and how to bring it back to life.
  4. Hair - how to cut? - both Arthur and John have a beard and hair that grows with each passing day. On this page, you will learn where to shave and how to cut your hair or change your hairstyle.
  5. Headquarters - how to upgrade and why? - from the beginning of the plot, the gang's campsite is a safe area. It can be developed so people living in it are content. This also affects Arthur. Here you can find out how to develop the camp and what benefits it gives to all residents.
  6. Horse - can I change it, how? - in RDR2 you can change horses at will and own more than one horse. Thanks to this page, you will learn how to change the current horse in order to choose one with better statistics.
  7. Coffee - how to brew? - In RDR 2, coffee restores stamina. On this page, we describe how to brew coffee so that the character can replenish and improve their statistics.
  8. Traveling with other gang members - can you do it? - on this page of the guide, we answer the question whether the game allows you to freely explore the game world in the company of other gang members.
  9. Changing clothes - how and why? - RDR2 is an open-world production with several regions available. Each of them is characterized by different weather conditions. On this page, you will learn how to change the hero's outfit and what are the mechanics behind it.
  10. Photos - how to take? - on this page we explain when the camera is unlocked and how to take photos in RDR2.
  11. Bounty - how to remove? - if you commit a petty crime in front of witnesses, the hero will receive a fine. We explain how to get rid of the bounty so lawmen don't interfere with your journey.
  12. Loot - is it worth sharing with the gang? - on this page of the guide, we inform you whether helping Dutch's gang is obligatory and what gains should be shared with the gang.
  13. Snake bite - how to deal with it? - there are snakes in the world of RDR2, which can bite the hero at any moment. If you get too close, the snake can bite, poisoning you with venom. The venom in your system will slowly deprive you of life. On this page, you will find information what to do in case of a snake bite.
  14. Leather working tools - how to get them? - on this page of the guide, we inform you how to unlock the leathercrafting tools in RDR2, which in turn allow you to conduct certain crafting projects deputed by Pearson.
  15. Satchel capacity - how to increase? - most of the items collected during your journey are stored in the bag. This page answers the question of how to increase the bag capacity in RDR2.

Hunting and wild animals

  1. Legendary bear - how to kill? - the legendary bear appears on the map after completing a quest (Exit Pursued By a Bruised Ego) from Chapter 2. We show the location of the bear so you can get its skin.
  2. Wild animals - how to hunt? - this page offers a variety of tips on how to hunt wild animals. From the information supplied here, you'll learn where to find different species, how to prepare for a hunt, and how to track game.
  3. Fishing rod - how to get? - the rod is needed for catching common and legendary fish. You will get it during a story mission. On this page, we offer a walkthrough for the task and show you how to fish.
  4. Best animal skins, pelts - how to get - obtaining animal skins is extremely important mechanic in RDR2. You can either sell or use them to create new clothes. On this page we show how to hunt in order to obtain perfect wild animal skins.
  5. Trapper - where to find him? - the trapper is an important trader who buys skins of legendary animals. Here, we show you where to find him and what are the possible interactions.


  1. Mexico - how to reach? - this page describes how to access Mexico, a major area from the first installment of Red Dead Redemption. We show the ways of accessing it.
  2. Saving the game - how? - on this page of the guide, we inform you how to create your personal Red Dead Redemption 2 save and when it is best to rely on manual saves.
  3. Missions - how to replay? - on this page we show how to repeat missions and on what rules these retries take place. This is extremely important when you want to revisit important decisions or collect a complete set of gold medals.
  4. Honor system - how does it work? - thanks to this page you will learn how honor system works and how honor influences the gameplay in RDR2.
  5. Money - how to earn? - money is an important thing in every open world game. Arthur can get money in different ways. This page describes legal ways of getting rich. Thanks to it, you'll learn how to make money and what to spend it on.
  6. Challenges - how to unlock? - There are 90 challenges available in RDR2. On this page, we have described how to complete them and what are the benefits from completed challenges.
  7. Saddle - do I need to retrieve it after horse's death? - this page of the guide informs whether you need special actions to retrieve your saddle in RDR 2 and whether you need to manually place it on a new horse.
  8. Blackwater - can you enter? - this page is dedicated to a part of the world map which is closed for almost the whole duration of the campaign. We also inform whether you can visit Blackwater right away (at the beginning of the game) and what problems may appear in New Austin.
  9. Gunslingers mission - how to complete? - while completing The Noblest of Man, and a Woman sidequest, you may encounter small complications. On this page we show where to find further gunslingers and how to complete the mission successfully.
  10. Things transferred to epilogue - which? - on this page of the RDR2 guide, we inform you what things (progress, equipment, etc.) are transferred from chapter 6 to the game's epilogue.
  11. Finished the story - can I keep playing? - on this page of the guide, we answer the question whether you can continue the game after completing the main storyline.


  1. Weapons - how to repair? in RDR2, weapons may require repair after prolonged use. On this page, you'll find information on how to repair weapons and what are the effects of your attempts.
  2. Dual wielding - can you? - this page of the guide describes the actions that must be performed in order to be able to fire two weapons at the same time.
  3. Weapons - why have they disappeared from inventory? - some weapons the hero has may disappear, e.g. after dismounting the horse. This page of the guide informs how to retrieve them.
  4. Ammo, arrows - how to refill? - on this page of the guide, we show ways of replenishing your ammunition and arrows.
  5. Scope - how to get it for your rifle? - a scoped rifle means not only precise aiming but also allows studying animals without the use of binoculars. On this page of the guide, we show where to find a scope so you can fashion a sniper rifle.
  7. Revolver duel - how to win? - on this page of the guide we have included tips what to do when a duel takes place and how to fire your weapon during it.
  8. Aiming - what's the easiest way? - on this page of the guide we have included a simple trick that makes it much easier to target enemies and kill them quickly. Thanks to this method, you'll come on top during every battle.

Red Dead Redemption 2: World Atlas

The world atlas in the guide to RDR 2 contains high quality maps of all regions. We've marked various places on the maps, including cities, villages and important quest locations.

  1. Map of West Elizabeth - on this page of the guide you will find the map of West Elizabeth, along with information about the activities available in this part of the map.
  2. Map of New Hanover - this page describes the activities available in the region and presents a map on which we have marked important points.
  3. Map of Lemoyne - this page delivers a map of Lemoyne. Here you can locate important activities and missions that start in this region.
  4. Map of Ambarino - this page describes a part of the map where cities such as Rhodes and Shady Belle are available. The atlas also lists the tasks that appear in this area.
  5. Map of New Austin - this page contains information about the background to the game's Epilogue. You will learn of available missions, activities, and we also explain why you cannot visit it earlier in the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Trophies and platinum

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you can obtain the platinum trophy on PS4 and PS5 (in the backwards compatibility mode). However, getting 100% of all the achievements in the game may be troublesome because to do so, you need to complete almost the whole single player content and do a number of things in Red Dead Online. We have described all trophies in RDR 2 in great detail in our trophy guide.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Game length

RDR 2 is a long game which will take you not less than 40-50 hours to complete, as this is how long it takes to play through just the main storyline. The entire gameplay time can increase if you do side quests and optional activities (e.g. hunting for wild animals), try to get the trophies or take part in RDR Online matches. Then, it's very easy to play even more than 100 hours.

For more information on how long it takes to beat Red Dead Redemption 2, check out the Game length section.

Red Dead Redemption 2: System requirements

  1. CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3 GHz / AMD FX-6300 3.5 GHz
  2. RAM: 8 GB
  3. GPU: 2 GB GeForce GTX 770 / 3 GB Radeon R9 280 or better
  4. OS: 64-bit Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 10
  5. Disk space: around 150 GB

For more information on the recommended PC system requirements of Red Dead Redemption 2, check out the System requirements section.

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