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Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide by

Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide

Table of Contents
Red Dead Redemption 2 - Atlas - Ambarino
Red Dead Redemption 2 - Atlas - Ambarino
Flaco Hernandez (gunslinger from the The Noblest of Man, and a Woman mission)
The Veteran I
The Veteran II-IV
Robot (automaton). It may appear at the top of the mountain after completing "A Bright Bouncing Boy" side mission. The additional requirement is to return to Marko Dragic's laboratory in northern New Hanover and to find his dead body.
Martha's Swain Cabin. You can find here a pocket mirror (potential gift), a unique Rusted Hunter Hatcher and other loot.
Mammoth. You can find a mammoth skeleton on the snow.
Adler Ranch. This is the location from the first mission of the game. You can return here later in the campaign if there's some loot you might've missed.
Witch's hut. Inside the hut you can find a huge cauldron and some loot. Drinking from the cauldron will cause the main character to lose consciousness and to wake up in the forest.
Ancient tomahawk. It's stuck in the target. You can collect this unique melee weapon.
Mount Hagen. You can find one of the rock carvings here as well as a frozen settler. You can collect a unique piece of head gear from the corpse - Morion Helmet.
Cave with strange statues. This is a larger and more complex location. We've described it on a separate page of our guide. There's also an easter egg nearby - Mysterious Hill House.
Derailed train carriage. It's not easy to reach the carriage. Inside it you can find money, valuables and unique elixirs.
Dodd's Bluff Cabin. You can find several items here including a unique Hunter Hatchet.
Moonstone Pond. Check the southern shore of the pond to find a unique Hewing Hatchet. There's also a hut nearby with a Homing Tomahawk schematic.
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Red Dead Redemption 2: Ambarino - World Atlas Map Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide and Walkthrough

This page of the Red Dead Redemption 2 guide offers a map of the part of the Ambarino map, which includes cities such as Rhodes and Shady Belle. The atlas also lists the tasks that appear in this area.

Last update: 23 September 2022

Key points of Red Dead Redemption 2 - Atlas - Ambarino

Important locations on the map

Starting areas for the Stranger missions

Unique secret locations

Important locations on the map

1 - Colter

2 - Wapiti Indian Reservation

Starting areas for the Stranger missions

1 � Flaco Hernandez (gunslinger from the The Noblest of Man, and a Woman mission)

2 � The Veteran I

3 � The Veteran II-IV

This page in our guide to Red Dead Redemption 2 contains the map of Ambarino. This region is in the northern part of the map. Ambarino is the least inhabited region and the harshest due to weather conditions and the lack of proper roads. This region has, i.e. Cigarette Cards, Dinosaur Bones or lairs of Legendary Animals.

General information about Ambarino

  1. The game starts in Ambarino - the first Dutch's gang hideout is in Colter. Arthur and the rest of the gang stay here only during chapter 1. However, you can go back here later.
  2. The majority of Ambarino is covered in snow which means that the temperature here is low. Remember to wear warm clothes every time you visit this part of the map. Also, watch out for the mountains. Be careful, you don't want to fall down, and kill Arthur or his horse.
  3. In the west, you can find, i.e. Wapiti Indian Reservation. You visit this place a few times during the main storyline.

The most important locations in Ambarino

  1. Colter - The most important location in chapter 1. This abandoned mining town is the first gang hideout. After that, the gang leaves this place and establishes another hideout in Horseshoe Overlook.
  1. Wapiti Indian Reservation - You visit this place a few times during the main storyline. This happens in chapter 6. Arthur can't use his weapons here - this a neutral location. It works like any of the gang hideouts. Here, you can find a bit of loot, including Dynamite Arrow pamphlet.

Hunting wild animals in Ambarino

The mountains (mainly in the western part of the region) and the forests (mainly in the eastern part of the region) are inhabited by various animals. Among them, you can find predators (i.e. wolves or bears) - be careful and stay vigilant.

Unique animal species found in this region:

  1. Bear - can also be found in West Elizabeth
  2. Wolf - can also be found in West Elizabeth

Side missions available in Ambarino

We have marked locations related to one of the side quests available in Ambarino - The Veteran. Only the first part happens near the road - during it, Arthur finds a disabled man. All other parts are unlocked near the veteran's cabin.

The most important secrets in Ambarino

Below you can find various hidden locations found in Ambarino - these locations are worth exploring. The list contains easter eggs, unusual locations with unique loot (i.e. outfit parts or weapons). Unique secret locations are marked with yellow dots.

1) Robot (automaton). Can appear on top of the mountain after completing "A Bright Bouncing Boy". However, you also have to go back to Marko Dragic's laboratory in the northern part of New Hanover. Find the man's corpse inside the building.

2) Martha's Swain cabin. Here, you can find, i.e. a mirror (a gift) and Rusted Hunter Hatchet.

3) Mammoth. The animal's skeleton is in the snow.

4) Adler Ranch. You visit this location during the first mission in the game. You can go back here later and collect loot you have missed earlier.

5) Witch cabin. Besides the large cauldron, you will also find a bit of loot. When you drink the content of the cauldron, your character will lose consciousness and wake up in a forest.

6) Ancient tomahawk. This unique melee weapon is stuck in a shield.

7) Mount Hagen. Here, you can find one of the Rock Carvings and a frozen settler. The settler has a unique headwear - Morion Helmet.

8) Cave with strange statues. A more complex location. We have described it on one of the pages in our guide. Mysterious Hill House easter egg is near that cave.

9) Derailed wagon. Reaching it isn't easy. Inside, you can find money, valuables, and unique elixirs.

10) Dodd's Bluff Cabin. Here, you can find, i.e. Hunter Hatchet.

11) Staw Moonstone Pond. Hewing Hatchet is on the southern shore. A cabin with Homing Tomahawk pamphlet is inside the cabin nearby.

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