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News guides 04 June 2024, 01:51

Where to Find Tin in Soulmask (Early Game)

If you have troubles with locating tin in the early stages of Soulmask, you've come to the right place.

Source: Soulmask, Developer: CampFire Studio

Even though elements of survival genre are with us from the dawn of gaming history, it became widely popular with the release of Minecraft, back in 2009. With an immense success of Mojang Studios production, there were many titles that followed, and this trend continues to this day. One of the more successful and interesting games of this kind that were recently released is without a doubt Soulmask. Despite being launched in Early Access program on Steam, it has been warmly received by players and is quite popular (via SteamDB). Of course, traditionally for the genre, you will have to establish a base from scratch which requires a lot of various resources like, for example, cotton, copper, and tin. Let’s focus on the last one and analyse where it can be obtained at the start of the game in the wild world of Soulmask.

Finding tin in Soulmask

Survival games, Soulmask included, encourage exploration of their worlds by requiring players to venture out for resources needed to build and improve their settlements. Sometimes, however, this search can become mundane and bear no fruit, so here we are with help that will allow you to pinpoint tin ore locations.

Tin ore locations on Soulmask’s map. Soulmask, Developer: CampFire Studio - Where to Find Tin in Soulmask (Early Game) - news - 2024-06-04
Tin ore locations on Soulmask’s map. Soulmask, Developer: CampFire Studio

As you can see on the map above, tin ore deposits can be found to the east of the starting location. Those are the best spots to farm this material, especially early in the game. Be careful though as they can be guarded, so make sure to come prepared.

The best way to quickly obtain resources is obviously by teaming up with others to help you out in multiplayer. It would be unfortunate, however, if you have friends who would like to help you out, but they have only console at hands, as Soulmask is only available on PC now. Sadly, also Steamdeck will be suboptimal solution to enjoy this title together, as developers are unhappy with controls on this device.

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