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Where to Find Cotton in Soulmask (Early Game)

If you have problems with finding cotton in Soulmask, waste no more time. Here you will find tips that will allow you to narrow down its location.

Source: Soulmask, Developer: CampFire Studio

Who doesn’t remember the feeling of building our own pillow base when we were kids? Seems like this experience grew so much on numerous game developers that many of them have their own ideas on how the perfect survival should look like. This time, creators from CampFire Studio take more tribal approach to this genre, connecting it with indigenous, South American culture. Soulmask takes you on an adventure to unravel mysteries of this ancestral world, where intricate masks play a major role. As in every title of this kind, first you will have to establish a base which requires resources, among others – cotton. It’s not easy to find, especially early in the game, so here you will learn where to look for it.

Finding cotton in Soulmask

Cotton is a basic resource in Soulmask, required early in the game to craft various items. Finding it, however, can pose a challenge. The easiest way to obtain it is to travel in the north-west direction from the starting location. There, you will stumble upon a Barbarian Barrack where you will be able to gather the required material.

To pinpoint its exact location, just find a Barbarian Camp. There you can find, catch, and interrogate a scout who should hold an information about where to find Barrack.

The plant may not always be fully grown, yet it shouldn’t be a problem as it will produce the item quickly. Additionally, be careful as those areas are guarded. During battles with the inhabitants, make sure to fight in other locations than where the cotton grows, as you can accidentally destroy the crops.

As a reminder, Soulmask debuted in Early Access, leaving consoles, at least for now, behind. Also, controllers and devices like Steamdeck are temporarily not officially supported. The game allows for solo play, but also offers multiplayer option.

Aleksander Kartasinski

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