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author: Olga Fiszer

Guide Crystal in Wuthering Waves (WuWa) - Court of Savantae Ruins Puzzle Solution

Not sure how to solve the puzzle with Guide Crystal? Check our Wuthering Waves (WuWa) to uncover the secrets of the Court of Savantae Ruins and unlock the Premium Supply Chest.

Source: Wuthering Waves; developer: Kuro Games

There are many puzzles and secrets to unravel in Wuthering Waves. In Whining Aix’s Mire area, you can discover the Court of Savantae Ruins, where you can test your puzzle-solving skills with two challenges to acquire two Guide Crystals. Read on to learn how to open the Premium Supply Chest.

Guide Crystal #1 – Tetris puzzle

Near the Court of Savantae Ruins, you will find a mechanism that requires four pieces. If you have trouble finding them, use the Sensor to detect their locations.

  1. Two of the pieces are lying directly in front of the puzzle.
  2. Third piece is hidden under the vines on the left side of the building. Go up the hill on the right side of the building, pick up a bomb from the ground and throw it at the vines. Wait for the fire to remove the obstacle.
  3. The last piece is on the ground near the square rocks.

After you gather all four elements, place them in the mechanism. You need to fill all the blue parts of the device. Remember, you can rotate the pieces to fit the slots, and don’t worry about the non-blue parts – you can fill them too.

Go through the open door, pick up the first Guide Crystal and open the Supply Chest.

Guide Crystal #2 – Platforms

The next puzzle features six platforms highlighted in red in front of the building. Check the other two platforms near the rocks. One of them will display six lights, with two of them shining blue. This serves as a clue to which platforms you need to activate. Here's what you should do:

  1. Pick up a cube and place it on the platform in front of the building.
  2. Stand on the platform located on the lower right side.
  3. The platform next to a square rock should activate, and the light should change.
  1. Pick up the cube and put it on the platform on the upper left side.
  2. Take the second cube and place it on the lower left platform.
  3. Stand on the upper right platform and wait for the door to open.
  4. Go inside, take the second Guide Crystal and open the Supply Chest.

Premium Supply Chest in Court of Savantae Ruins

After obtaining two Guide Crystals, head to the edge of the cliff atop the Court of Savantae Ruins, where you battled the Boss Mech Abomination. Insert the Guide Crystals into the corresponding devices to unlock the Premium Supply Chest, with 40 Asterites. You will also get a lot of Shell Credits and 50 Union EXP.

Olga Fiszer

Olga Fiszer

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