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News guides 31 May 2024, 02:40

author: Damian Gacek

Soulmask Modes - Single Player, Multiplayer (PvP, PvE, Coop) Explained

In this guide we will provide you with information regarding modes in Soulmask. Let’s learn more about it.

Source: Soulmask, developer: CampFire Studio

Soulmask is a new survival game, which was released in early access. For now, the title is available on Steam only, but it will be ported to consoles at some point in the future, so be patient. Of course, many players would like to know more about modes, which are available in the game on launch. Let’s talk a little bit about that.

Modes in Soulmask

Soulmask offers many options for players to adjust their experience. Developers decided to launch the title with 4 modes, to make players as comfortable as possible. We present them below:

  1. Solo mode – yes, it is possible to play as a single player. Developers even encourage you to experience the title that way, rather than official servers, if it is your first encounter with the game.
  2. Lan online mode – a playthrough for max 8 players.
  3. Private servers – as in all such cases, you will be able to create private servers for your friends or foes. The game supports an easy rental option from Clawcloud and Gportal providers. If you have your own sever, developers prepared a tutorial.
  4. Official servers – there are also various official servers (you will find how many and what type here). They feature up to 50 players and tribes up to 6 (small) and 20 (big) members. You will be able to find PvE and PvP servers among them.

You can read more about it (and not only) in the official FAQ published on Steam. Remember that the game is in early access, so there may be some technical issues along the way.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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