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News guides 30 May 2024, 05:45

author: Olga Fiszer

Tier List and Best Characters in Squad Busters

Squad Busters offers a vast roster of characters, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. Check our tier list to learn which champion is the best.

Source: Squad Busters; developer: Supercell

Squad Busters is a mobile action game that combines elements of strategy and role-playing. You collect and evolve characters from across Supercell’s popular games like Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars, then battle it out in 10-person matches. Teamwork is crucial, and choosing the perfect hero for your squad is vital. To help you out, we’ve created a tier list ranking all the characters from best to worst.

Squad Busters – Choosing a Character

Before each battle, you'll see a rotating pool of characters you can potentially unlock from chests. This dynamic availability means you'll need to adapt your squad strategy for each match. At the beginning of every game a random spinner will determine the map and special modifiers for your battle. Then, to further test your adaptability, you'll be dropped into a random location and offered a choice of three unique squad members, each with their own special abilities.

Squad Busters – Tier List

S Tier

  1. Archer Queen – With high HP and 140 damage points, she enhances the attack speed of all ranged units and can occasionally fire explosive arrows. She can recover health when not moving.
  2. Barbarian King – This character has the most HP in the game and deals 145 damage points. He has the ability to heal himself when not attacking and provides a boost to all melee units in the squad.
  3. Bea – She can inflict a massive amount of damage and summon bees to harm anyone who enters her range.
  4. Witch – She’s a powerful attacker capable of dealing 230 damage. With her ability to spawn skeletons, no enemy will be too difficult to defeat.
  5. Tank – Individually, she's not exceptional, but when paired with other tanks, she becomes incredibly resilient. Additionally, she delivers a massive blast that deals significant damage.

A Tier

  1. Max – She can speed up the entire squad, enabling them to reposition and flank the enemy during combat.
  2. Mortis – In his third form, he can revive up to four defeated monsters to fight alongside you.
  3. Hog Rider – Although he’s a frontliner, he’s not the strongest tank, but he can gain a significant speed boost when running through a bush.
  4. Medic – This healer can inflict a nice amount of damage and has a lot of HP. He will do a great job at keeping your units alive.
  5. Colt – He can deal a ton of damage, especially with his Bullet Storm ability.
  6. Heavy – He’s a super tanky ranged character and he can shoot faster when standing still. Trust me, he will be your top choice in drafts.

B Tier

  1. Bo – He doesn't have much HP or damage potential, but he excels at dealing PVE damage. He can help you acquire blue boxes more quickly, which will speed up the development of your squad.
  2. Wizard – He can deal AOE damage and has an extra spell slot that can really bolster your squad.
  3. Pam – A capable healer that can excel when paired with the Wizard.
  4. Shelly – She’s a great ranged character with a special ability that can deal additional damage.
  5. Nita – She’s can be a good defender, but she truly excels once fused.
  6. Barbarian – He can deal significant damage, is tanky, and is an all-around solid character. When paired with another Barbarian, he transforms into an elite unit.
  7. Battle Healer – She boosts your squad's health based on her fusion level, but unfortunately, she doesn’t provide ongoing healing.

C Tier

  1. Goblin – As a supplier, he's capable of providing a substantial amount of coins, but being on the frontline, he can get killed super quickly.
  2. Greg – He lets you chop down trees to acquire coins and emeralds, but his usefulness is primarily limited to the early stages of the game.
  3. Royale King – Fusing this character is challenging, requiring you to sacrifice numerous valuable heroes to obtain him. Despite his ability to spawn a minion, he's ultimately not worth the effort.
  4. Chicken – This one is tricky, some people love it, some absolutely hate it. As a speedster, it can give you Turbo Boots, but again, it’s just not worth the hustle.
  5. El Primo – He’s fine for the early stages when you don’t have many options. Yes, he can stun enemies, but there’re more effective tanks in the game.
  6. Penny – While she's capable of uncovering hidden treasure, locating a treasure map requires venturing away from the central area, which can be challenging on certain maps.

D Tier

  1. Trader – As you gather coins, he'll occasionally reward you with emeralds, but retrieving them requires backtracking, which can become quite annoying.
  2. Mavis – She can be vulnerable when she goes to a carrot patch, leaving your squad exposed.
  3. Dynamike – As an attacker with only 60 damage points, he isn’t very effective overall. Although he becomes stronger when fused, he remains not particularly valuable, especially considering his rarity.

Olga Fiszer

Olga Fiszer

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