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News video games 04 June 2024, 01:30

author: Adrian Werner

New RPG From TES Veterans on First Gameplay Trailer. The Wayward Realms Combines Old-School With Latest Tech

A video showing gameplay from The Wayward Realms, an RPG being developed by veterans of The Elder Scrolls series, has hit the web.

Source: OnceLost Games

We will still wait a long time for the premiere of The Elder Scrolls VI. Meanwhile, brand fans are eagerly observing another RPG game called The Wayward Realms. It's being designed as the spiritual successor to the cult classic Daggerfall, with the development team led by Bethesda studio veterans Ted Peterson and Julian Lefay. A new video material from this project has just hit the net. This is the first footage that shows the gameplay.

The trailer allows you to see, among other things, exploration, sneaking (including destroying light sources), and combat. We can also see the dialogue system, which enables us to engage in discussions on various topics and also, for instance, offer bribes, intimidate, or attempt to gain the sympathy of NPCs.

The game version shown in the footage appears to be in a very early stage, as many elements seem quite clunky. However, it cannot be denied that since the publication of the first gameplay materials, the devs have made significant progress and slowly The Wayward Realms is starting to resemble something that we will be able to play. Don't expect a AAA blockbuster, but the developers seem to be on the right track to develop a fine RPG.

It's worth mentioning that the devs have released new video material to promote the ongoing Kickstarter fundraising. So far it's going very well - the developers have already managed to raise $360,000, while the minimum goal is $500,000. Reaching this amount shouldn't be a problem, as there are still 26 days left until the end of the fundraising.

The Wayward Realms is coming exclusively to PC. The devs are aiming for an early access premiere at the end of next year.

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New RPG From TES Veterans on First Gameplay Trailer. The Wayward Realms Combines Old-School With Latest Tech - picture #1

Daggerfall's new robes

The devs of The Wayward Realms aim to develop a game in the style of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, but with modern graphics. While waiting for the premiere, it's worth getting interested in the Daggerfall Unity mod, which is a fan project that in practice constitutes an unofficial remake, modernizing the game engine and gameplay.

Daggerfall is available for free, so thanks to the modification you can practically play a refreshed version of one of the biggest RPGs in history without paying.

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Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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The Wayward Realms

The Wayward Realms