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News video games 11 November 2022, 13:20

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Doom Fans Demand Justice for Mick Gordon

The recent high-profile scandal involving the author of Doom Eternal's soundtrack has outraged many fans. They are demanding justice for Mick Gordon.

The scandal over the soundtrack from Doom Eternal continues. Its composer, Mick Gordon, responded to the allegations made in 2020 by the game's producer Marty Stratton. He blamed the composer for the unsatisfactory quality of music in Doom Eternal. Gordon, in turn, presented the whole situation from his point of view, according to which it was id Software that greatly exaggerated.

Stratton claimed that Gordon did not respect the deadlines, which ultimately affected the quality of the soundtrack. In response, angry fans began to threaten the composer (they had access to his private contact information, which id Software leaked to the web). Gordon, however, accused the studio of making these unfounded claims, as well as of attempting to bribe him when he expressed his desire to respond to the allegations - id Software allegedly offered him hundreds of thousands of dollars for his silence.

The community switched to Gordon's side after hearing this version of events. Since then, fan dissatisfaction at id Software's attitude has grown unimaginably. Posts (published mainly on Reddit) with "Justice for Mick Gordon" in the title have been popular recently. Fans, often in the form of memes, refer to the whole situation; they demand, above all confession of the truth by Marty.

In addition, the community has begun to remind of another Gordon-related affair. After all, the composer was invited to speak at The Game Awards gala and other events, where Doom Eternal was receiving awards for best soundtrack. However, he was not to receive them - Stratton was to do so on his behalf. As Gordon said:

"I doubt that I will ever see these awards again."

As you can see, fans are truly outraged by the fate of Gordon, who was wronged by id Software. Unfortunately, at this point, neither the studio itself nor Marty Stratton have addressed the allegations against them.

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