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Essays 16 May 2024, 02:00

author: Sonia Selerska

Career Overhaul. The Sims 4: Best Mods to Download in 2024

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Climbing the career ladder of our virtual characters isn't a big challenge for an experienced player. The Career Overhaul mod will make all available jobs more realistic and also require better time management from us.

The professions available in the game will become more complex due to additional changed requirements that correspond to their responsibilities, adjusted rates (lower initially and increasing more slowly), and small items brought home after a day's work (such as leftovers taken home by the chef).

The modification also contains extra functionalities that use the DLC Get Famous (a fame system that impacts our income level) and University (education necessary for specific job roles).

  1. Download the Career Overhaul mod

New Emotional Traits

A wide variety of extra character traits is one of the most popular mods created by The Sims 4 community. The traits impact the behaviour, feelings, or interactions of our characters, making them a key aspect of the gameplay.

In the base game version, there are only 38 options to choose from when creating an adult character, which, combined with the fact that some of them exclude each other, doesn't offer such a wide range for experimentation. If you are looking for specific characteristics for a Sim created by your imagination, there is a good chance that one of the mods has already taken care of it.

However, if you want to diversify the range of characters in your saves, the New Emotional Traits modification set is a good solution. Thanks to it, your Sims will have the ability to display arrogance, calmness, cowardice, stoicism, or lack of self-confidence, as well as being dreamers, intellectuals, and individuals with little self-awareness or anxiety.

Source: New Emotional Traits
Source: New Emotional Traits
  1. Download the New Emotional Traits mod

Meaningful Stories

Sim relationships in The Sims 4, compared to the previous two installments of the series, are quite shallow. Even the most emotional moments in the characters' lives, such as betrayals, death of loved ones, or the birth of a child, don't leave a lasting effect on their well-being.

This can be achieved with the Meaningful Stories mod, which uses moods and emotions to make characters more human. This comes down to including specific moments that trigger particular emotions in us (such as a pleasant meeting with friends) and the complex aftermath of major events (such as joy at the death of our eternal enemy).

This mod is dedicated to people who focus on story in games of this kind and strive to deeply engage in the narratives they create.

  1. Download the Meaningful Stories mod

Sonia Selerska

Sonia Selerska

Began her professional writing adventure for Gamepressure.com in 2022, but she has always been interested in all forms of the written word. A student of Film and Multimedia with a specialization in Game Design and Development, deeply follows the blurring boundary between these two worlds. Sometimes, embarrassingly, appreciates style over substance. In the case of media, more often than not, goes to extremes; she can never choose between documentaries and horror films, and cozy games, life simulators, and animations. You will find her playing old-school consoles and indie gems rather than AAA titles. Devotes her free time to her love of fashion and art in a broader sense. Believes that the plot is the most crucial element of a game, and the most compelling stories are the ones inspired by everyday life.


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